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Place 2021: Reflections on Partial Day 1

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

I am still thrilled and honoured to present and attend the third annual national Place Conference. Place brings together like-minded students, professionals, and others from across Canada to present research and discuss topics in geography and planning.

If you are considering planning as a profession, I strongly encourage you to keep this opportunity on your radar next year, as it has been a fantastic opportunity to join a highly inspiring and supporting planning community.

So far, I have only been able to attend the morning of day one, but here are my initial thoughts

Keynote Larry Beasley

This exciting keynote presentation was able to start us off in a good way! His insightful perspective on the planning profession has ignited a sense of wonder, passion and curiosity as to what is in-store for future planners.

The speech provided interesting perspectives on where we have been, how we got there and where we can go. He left us with thoughtful advice and recommendations for the future and that was to simply lead with passion, intention and interest.

I am excited to explore and read Vancouverism and Ecodesign for Cities.

CIP Student Trust Fund

Future planning students need to hop onto this website and add the important application requirements and dates to your calendar.

I have applied and was a successful recipient in 2021 and I encourage you to do the same. My piece of advice is to sure you put your passion and interests to the forefront and trust your intuition and your path thus far. Those who pursue the planning profession are without hesitation, knowledgeable, and skilled individuals and professionals. Trust yourself and go for it!

Lila Asher, Pipeline Protests as Indigenous Planning on the Frontlines

Lila's presentation was a breath of fresh air, she was able to eloquently and skillfully highlight many relevant points of Indigenous Planning into a sound presentation. She was able to drive home, the distinction between Indigenous and settler sovereignty in planning, and the need to engage in co-governance management.

I am excited to see how her research develops and how she is able to merge planning theory into planning practice with upcoming issues!

Lastly, I'll provide you snapshot of my own presentation on An Evolved Approach to Indigenous Engagement. See the attached PDF below:

PLACE Conference (1)
Download PDF • 8.46MB

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