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Graduate Research Road Map: Redefining First Nations Housing and/or Municipal Relations

Updated: May 6, 2021

I am currently completing my first year of my Masters of Community Planning program at Vancouver Island University. I am opting to complete a thesis that explores one of the two topics:

  • Naut’sa mawt sqwaluwun (working with one heart and one mind) – Local governments’ evolved relationships with First Nations on Vancouver Island to collaboratively implement land management and planning frameworks.

  • The evaluation of homelessness and housing from an Indigenous perspective with a policy and program lens

The intent of my research is to expand the theoretical understanding of First Nation planning issues at is relates to issues and opportunities to practically address current community problems. Upon completing this research one of my aspirations is to enhance the general knowledge of current planners, land managers, researchers and the community at large.

To learn more about my topics and gain more insight on my research journey, see the video below for a snapshot of the beginning of my research road map/presentation. I welcome any feedback, comments or input. Huy ch q'u!

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