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Qwuy'um'aat's Book List for 2021

If anyone knows me, I love reading, ranging from Indigenous, business, wellness, history and so much more. I quite frequently get asked, "what are your recommended readings" and I swear I am not withholding my reading list, I am simply too busy reading!

Anyhow, see my top reading recommended readings for 2021 (in no particular order):

Decolonizing Trauma Work by Renee Linklater

Have you heard about creating a culturally safe or trauma-informed environment? I believe this book would be a good starting point in being aware, understanding, and competent. If you work, serve, or represent Indigenous peoples, it is important to understand the roots and ensure you are supporting pathways for Indigenous peoples to move forward.

Linklater does a great job in unravelling history, bringing a trauma informed lens, and writing from a supportive place that embeds culture, tradition and understanding. The book mostly speaks towards health, well-being, and wellness, but I believe these are pillars for any community regardless of what sector or field.


The Gathering: Re Imagining Settler Relations by Shirley Hager and Mawopiyane

Indigenomics by Carol Ann Hilton

Feminist City by Leslie Kern

Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Kimmerer

The Trusted Advisor by David Maister

Research is Ceremony by Shawn Wilson

Making Space for Indigenous Feminism edited by Joyce Green

High Performance Habits by Brendon Buchard

Embers by Richard Wagamese

Be Water My Friend by Shannon Lee

Research is Reconciliation edited by Shawn Wilson, Andrea Breen and Lindsay Dupre

Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision-Making by Sam Kaner

I am interest in learning about your favourite reads of the year. Drop your recommendation into the comments!

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