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Top 3 Fall Indigenous Reads

I spent most of my quarantine reading and embarking on other adventures. If you are looking for a few Indigenous reads this upcoming fall see my top 3 recommendations.

In My Moccasins by Hellen Knot

Hellen writes about her experience with sexual violence, colonization, addiction and intergenerational trauma. However, I'd like to argue that intergenerational strength and resiliency is more of an accurate description. Along her journey she shares healing, hope, discovery and spiritual discovery. I discovered Hellen by coming across her spoken word poetry, see more here:

From Where I Stand by Jody-Wilson Raybould

Jody draws on her extensive experience and knowledge from her work with First Nations and the Crown in furthering reconciliation and self-governance. Her book outlines the important work that has been completed, the work that is happening and insight to what the future could hold if we do not take deliberate action.

One Drum by Richard Wagamese

One Drum is Richard's final book before he passed in 2017 and he is best known for his book called Indian Horse. He also has a great collection of other books that I have yet to read. The book invites you to explore ceremony, teachings, and spirituality in open and humbling manner for all to enjoy. This book struck me because it provided great teaching and ways of being that can be applied to every day life.

Let me know in the comments below if you have read these or if you have any other recommendations.

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